Engels Liedt

Engels Liedt
Today I present a CD that is very dear and special to me. Recorded in 2008, released in 2011, “Engels Liedt” by recorder genius Gerald Stempfel is not only one of many recordings of the music of Jacob Van Eyck. To me, it is more a piece of sound-art, or the destillation/manifestation of a unique interaction between the musician, the music, the sound engineer(s), and the room, here also including those who live in that room or who lived there, long times ago. Gerald Stempfel wrote about our meeting in the CD booklet:
“On the evening of the second recording day of the “John come kiss me now” chamber music album in August 2008, I was practicing the recorder by myself in the church, preparing for the next day, while Jonas, the producer, was storing away a bunch of cables. Then, it was all quiet. At some point, I took a break to make myself some tea. Jonas was still standing around in front of the church, absorbed in thought. Seeing me coming, he said he had heard me practice and thereupon come up with an idea for a van Eyck recording: during my play he had been hearing the Lachrymae variations of van Eyck in his mind’s ear. I was utterly puzzled – hadn’t it been Jacob van Eyck, and in particular his Lachrymae variations, which had moved me deeply as a child, such that I had been convinced of my vocation to become a recorder player. Thus, spontaneously, this solo album came about in a single night at the end of the chamber music recording. ”
What Gerald did not mention here was the ghost of an ancient knight who was buried in the church, and who visited the recording just at midnight, leaving the sound of his gloomy footsteps on our harddiscs. The presence of beings more subtle and immaterial than us boosted some great creative moments. Listen to these sound samples and see if you get a glimpse of it: http://www.carpediemrecords.de/en/engels-liedt (JN)

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