Le Concert des Parfums

Le Concert des Parfums
This CD (released Oct. 2009) is probably one of my coolest projects ever. We recorded a jazz band lead by Michel Godard, featuring recorder player Sebastien Marq in the ancient Abbaye de Noirlac in southern France. Michel had met this perfume maker Ursula Yeo, and he had written some 7 or 8 tunes for which she had created individual perfumes. Now she came to the recording sessions and spread the corresponding perfumes in the recording room while the musicians were playing, so they could improvise on the perfume which was created on the original music. Kind of a intermedial kinesthetik feedback composition process, set up in a awe-inspiring 12th-century building that had a very distinctive energy on its own. Again I was accompagnied by photographer Leif Marcus who also contributed the powerful cover photo. This is a truly magic listening experience and you can hear excerpts on our website. If you want a copy, get it soon, as there are only a couple of them left. http://www.carpediemrecords.de/en/le-concert-des-parfums (JN)

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